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SMR Lead Retriever Trade Show Lead Retrieval system
The ultimate Trade Show Lead Retrieval system - SMR Lead Retriever has more features, true database functions, and costs just $599.95 with the scanner!

New version 2!
For Windows XP/Vista

There is a lot riding on your trade show lead retrieval system.
When the show is over and the last case is packed, there are only two things you have to show for the grueling hours you spent on the trade floor: Your orders and your leads. Yet according to a recent survey, roughly 80% of companies said they fail to follow up adequately on trade show leads. If you rent the standard devices that the trade show offers, you will probably spend $350 or more per show. Why would any company spend that money and fail to vigorously pursue the leads they gathered?

The answer is probably in the system. If your not already worn out, you'll spend the plane trip home and the next three days converting the paper receipts that the lead retrieval system "spit out" into usable data, and then you will try to find a way to use the valuable information you've collected. By the time you have converted a pile of paper into something you can use, your competitors have already closed the sale.

The SMR Lead Retriever is nothing like the rental units, or the competing units you can buy. The SMR Lead Retriever is a complete lead collection AND follow-up system that runs on your computer. The rental lead retrieval systems create a list of the information you've scanned. They make no attempt to organize that information or help you follow up. Unfortunately, most lead retrieval systems you can purchase are no different. Unlike other systems, the Lead Retriever collects and organizes your leads into a powerful database that can make follow-up lists and print mailing labels with postal barcodes right from the Lead Retriever software. You can also export your information to your contact management or mailing software - and unlike competing units - you probably won't have to re-work the exported data before you can use it.